Amanda Bynes Shoplifting Accusations Leveled Twice In One Day; Reactions From Her Twitter Accounts

amanda bynes shoplifting


Amanda Bynes shoplifting? That can’t be right, can it?

Apparently Amanda Bynes had a very busy day in New York yesterday being accused of allegedly shoplifting not once, but TWICE as the hits just keep on coming for the troubled star.

First, TMZ reports that security at Barney’s reportedly caught Amanda Bynes shoplifting, allegedly trying to steal a $200 hat. Security guards reportedly grabbed Bynes outside the store where she claimed she simply grabbed the cap to cover her face because fans were chasing her. The guards let her go before four police officers arrived to question her, but did make her sign an agreement banning her from ever entering the store again.

Bynes later reportedly said that she had just left her purse in the car and she was just going outside to retrieve it, but her driver was nowhere to be found.

But wait, there’s more, as they say…

At some other point during the day Bynes was reportedly at women’s clothing store Pookie & Sebastian when she allegedly tried to leave with a shirt without paying. TMZ says that employees of the store didn’t realize it was Bynes at first but thought she was a “half-naked, homeless crackhead.”

When an employee asked Bynes if she was going to pay for the shirt, she reportedly replied, “Do I really have to buy this?” Which, of course, she did and thus used a credit card to cover the $128 shirt’s price tag.

So what did Amanda’s real and alleged “secret” Twitter accounts have to say about this crazy day?

Amanda’s real account seemed much more focused on InTouch claiming she’d basically lost her mind...

and finally, just to prove she’s NOT insane…

Uh, NO, you’re not, Amanda.

As for her alleged “secret Twitter” account, it did have something to say about the shoplifting accusations…

Then things turned towards her parents, who seem to be pretty clueless as well…

Someone, anyone, really needs to set things straight here. It’s getting so I can’t even keep track. Why hasn’t Oprah had Amanda sit down for an interview yet so we can get to the bottom of this? She’s obviously got the experience when it comes to similar situations.

UPDATE: In Touch Weekly has responded to Amanda Bynes’ earlier Twitter rant about them…

A representative of the company had this to say, “After identifying themselves, two of our reporters spent the afternoon with Amanda Bynes on Sunday, Oct. 5. She was aware that they were from Bauer. At one point, she even discussed writing a column for the magazine. Every word of our account is accurate and we hope that Amanda gets the help that she needs.”

And here’s a photo of Amanda with an In Touch reporter taken on Sunday, Oct. 5th…

amanda bynes intouch reporter

In Touch Weekly

After seeing that we’re with In Touch on this one, “we hope that Amanda gets the help that she needs.” Seriously.

Amanda Bynes image by s_bukley/Shutterstock

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