Amy Schumer Reads An Open Letter To The 200 Trump Fans Who Walked Out On Her Tampa Show And It’s HEATED

If you missed the Amy Schumer v. Tampa news earlier this week I’ll go ahead and catch you up. On Sunday night, Amy Schumer performed at the Amalie Arena in Tampa (where the Lightning play their games), and at one point she cracked some jokes about Donald Trump being an orange-skinned sexual assaulter. An estimated 200 backers of Donald Trump walked out in defiance, completely forgetting that they were at a comedy show where nothing’s off limits…You can read all about that incident HERE.

Flash forward to Amy Schumer’s show last night at Madison Square Garden in NYC and Amy Schumer busted out an apology letter and read it aloud to all of the butthurt Trump supporters that walked out on her in Tampa. She clearly recognizes that she’s stirred up some controversy and she’s not letting this go just yet.

Here’s some of what Amy had to say in her letter (via Variety):

“Dearest Tampa, I’m sorry you didn’t want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now,” Schumer said. “How could I think it was okay to spend five minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone with different views?”
“After the show, I want you to know that I will go straight to a rehab facility that will teach me how to make all people happy — both the rich, entitled white people who are going to vote for him and the very poor people who’ve been tricked into it,” Schumer added.

If you ever find yourself walking out of a comedy show because you are offended by the material you should’ve never been there in the first place, and it’s as simple as that. There are no ‘off limits’ with the topics comedians can cover, they have comedic license to say whatever the fuck they want as long as it makes the people laugh, and that’s exactly what Amy was doing in Tampa. If, by chance, you are one of those 200 that walked out in Tampa I hope your friends and family never let you live down the shame of being the biggest tight ass in the world, and I hope you spend the rest of your life getting ribbed on for your stupid ass decision to walk out of a comedy show for Donald Trump. If you’re going to get self-righteous over somebody at least make it someone worth fighting for.

(h/t Variety)

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