Amy Schumer Is Being Accused Of Stealing These Raunchy Jokes From Patrice O’Neal, What Do You Bros Think?

Amy Schumer’s been on top of the world for quite some time now. She’s starred in movies, had her own TV show, and has hosted SNL. Now she’s being accused of ‘parallel thinking’ AT BEST for these raunchy jokes about sex positions, and at worst she’s being accused of straight up joke theft. You see, the late/great comedian Patrice O’Neal told nearly identical jokes to the ones that Amy Schumer told at Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater.

The thing about these jokes is that nearly every kid with access to the Internet has heard about them at some point or another. And what makes this all the more interesting is that Amy Schumer and Patrice O’Neal used to cohost a radio show together (‘Bitch Management’), so the two comedians have spent tons of time in one another’s presence. It would stand to reason that at some point they were sitting around shooting the shit and started talking about the raunchiest sex positions they’d ever heard. So I’m inclined to think that this is NOT in fact joke theft. Though it is weird that she qualifies her jokes on stage ‘the weirdest one I’ve ever heard’, as if that absolves her from the potential charge of joke theft when people eventually dig up material like Patrice’s.

So I’m curious, what do you bros think: is this joke theft or not? Answers down below in the comments.

[YouTube / Cornelius Augustus Von Meyerbeer III]