Amy Schumer Had An A+ Response To A Heckler Who Yelled ‘Show Us Your T*ts’ At Her During A Show

Some guy in the crowd thought it would be a good idea to yell “show us your tits” at Amy Schumer while she was performing.

Dude didn’t even wait, he just dropped the “show us your tits” bomb right near the start of her show in Stockholm, Sweden.

That turned out to be a mistake on his part.

That’s because Schumer immediately said to the crowd, “Okay, wait. I want the guy who just yelled that to come up here. It’s too good. Everybody point at him so I know which one.”

Of course the dude was wearing a shirt that said “I love pussy” on it, because why wouldn’t one be wearing a boss shirt like that in public?

Once identified, Schumer asked what he did for a living and then proceeded to go in on him like the pro that she is. She even let him stay, but with one caveat, “Now that’s really cute. But if you yell out again, you’re going to be yelling ‘show your tits,’ to someone in the parking lot.”

However, he didn’t stay for long, because a couple minutes later he shouted something else and security escorted him away. But not before he could drop an “I was about to go anyway” on the crowd. Sure you were, buddy. Sure you were.

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