Amy Schumer Shows Us The Insanity That Goes Through A Woman’s Mind Before A Booty Call

by 5 years ago


When a woman (or man) is given too much advanced notice before a booty call, and their game isn’t up to speed, they can begin to obsess out of control.

Here we see Amy Schumer, of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, completely spiral out of control after she receives an early morning text that one of her friends-with-benefits is in town and looking to get after it that night. The crazy here is on level-99, but in watching this I can’t help and think that obsession of this caliber isn’t abnormal for people who aren’t used to regular booty calls. Watch, be entertained, and know that somewhere out there you’ve probably been on the other end of this crazy (assuming you’re not the insane one yourself)…

Side-note: it’s pretty amazing how DTF Amy Schumer is

Just don’t overthink it, ever.


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