Old White People From The 1960’s Partying To ‘Black And Yellow’ Is Proof Grandpa Got Turnt

The ‘Greatest Generation’ is known for surviving the Great Depression and WWII, but here we see footage of them in the twilight of their years, getting turnt as hell to ‘Black and Yellow’.

Was this the song they were getting crunk to at the time? Obviously not. Does this song make this video an instant web classic? Hell to the yes.

Grandpa got after it! Not only did you inherit your whitest of moves from him, as evidenced in this video, but you also inherited your predilection for binge drinking and house parties. I’ll go ahead and assume not a single person reading this right now is old enough to remember a house party involving elderly guests which took place in the early 1960’s, therefore we’re allowed to apply our own lens to this.

We weren’t there, we don’t know, but we can make assumptions. And my gut is leading me to the assumption that the grandpa in this video was trill as fuck, and his parties brought the ladies from all over the block.

Ugh, I’ve just come to this realization and now I have to share it with you: this video is better than Mad Men. Because it draws on the same nostalgia, but frames it in a way we can relate to. Well done Internet.


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