An ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Writer Is Under Fire For Sharing His God Awful Hot Takes About Sexual Assault Victims

Not only is Amy Schumer one of the funniest comedians working today, her show, Inside Amy Schumer, has produced some of the most scathing, salient commentary on sexual assault and misogynistic culture.

Kurt Metzger is a writer on her staff, who recently took to Facebook to present an argument that is … let’s just say extremely counter to one you would think someone working on that show would have.

It stems from a comedian being banned from Upright Citizen’s Brigade after rumors of sexual assault surfaced.

Metzger took to Facebook to say this.

Just forewarned. It’s fucking awful and idiotic (image via the Daily Dot).

Now, if you’re a man who has a had a friend accused of sexual assault, it is well within your right to believe he didn’t do it. And defend him. As passionately and as vigorously as you want.

All I’m saying is that in no way should you ever present your argument in the most unnuanced, insulting, uninformed way possible, which is what Metzger did here.

Like using the phrase “re-raping the victim’s good hole!!!,” whatever the shit that means. Or advancing the notion that simply because a woman doesn’t go to the police means a crime wasn’t committed. If you don’t know why that was the case, and why women are reluctant to go report rapes, give this a read.

But Metzger, who is not a woman who has ever been assaulted, took to Facebook again on Monday to tell all women what they were doing wrong.

Don’t fucking complain about the police not helping if you didn’t bother going to the police at all. “Why aren’t the rape kits being tested??” Because instead of actually educating women with useful information on what to do if they are victimized, you blather nonsense about “culture” and then tell them being weak is being strong. There should be 24 hour pressure every day on cops to investigate every rape. Btw, in NYC, the real svu takes that shit real seriously. If you think they don’t you don’t know wtf you are talking about.

I sure as hell don’t blame a victim for not going to cops. I blame YOU shitbag phony grandstanding “internet feminists” for not constantly urging everyone to go to cops FIRST. Victims come to you and you lead them up your own ass. Rape is hard to prove. That’s why you can’t dick around on twitter first. Time is of the essence. Pull your heads out of your cunts and your cunts out of your blogs, and try actually helping victims instead of spotlighting how unique and enlightened you are for being against rape.

A good stance to have is not “We should teach women how to respond after they are raped.” That’s like a very reductive, unhelpful way of looking at the world.

People are now taking Metzger to task for his abhorrent opinions. But that hasn’t stopped him.

He took to Twitter to say that he’s not upset at rape victims (good!) just at internet hordes.

Hey, I get it can seem like there’s a mass movement against men, what with all these women coming out of nowhere to speak about how men have victimized them. But is that because a cabal of ladies got together two years ago and said “let’s get ’em,” or thanks to social media and a shifting culture, victims are no able to speak and have their voices heard?

You tell me. I can tell you what Metzger sure believes.

Now he’s got people calling for him to be fired, but they currently are not getting the response they hoped.

Others also said that Schumer blocked them on Twitter for asking her about Metzger. Schumer herself has yet to comment.

UPDATE: Amy Schumer responded in a series of tweets.

[Via The Daily Dot]

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