Anna Kendrick Was Sincerely Disappointed She Didn’t Get To See Any Dude Dick On Last Night’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

One of the complaints viewers have about Game of Thrones is the gender disparity when it comes to nudity. The showrunners will gladly show you some boobs and some box, but never a dick. No, you never see a man’s penis on Game of Thrones. Because when you play the Game of Thrones, you don’t get to see any penis. That’s what Cersei Lannister said to Ned Stark and now he’s dead. Hasn’t seen a penis since June of 2011.

Last night’s season five premiere had ample opportunities to show us a dude’s dick. There was Loras Tyrell banging a dude (two chances!) and an Unsullied in a brothel (not necessarily the first dick you wanna lead with) and Daario getting his Second Sword up inside Daenerys Targaryen (If you catch my drift) (He used to fight for the Second Swords) (Now his second sword is his dick).

I thought we were gonna see a penis there. So too did Anna Kendrick.

She’s right, man. Let’s see some dick in ep two.