Allow The Always-Amazing Anna Kendrick To Explain How ‘Vagina’ Can Be Used As A Verb


If you’ve been reading us for a few years, you know that Anna Kendrick is up there on our list of favorites here at BroBible. She freakin’ high-fived the first dude who ever gave her an orgasm, because Anna Kendrick isn’t afraid to tip-toe around talking about her sex life. The Marry-Fuck-Kill queen also had the following very-nice scene in Get A Job, a movie that you should watch but probably haven’t considering it’s lukewarm reception at the box office.

ANYWHOO. Last night she was on Late Night with Seth Meyers and started talking about female anatomy… again. Here’s a transcript via UPROXX:

“It’s really helpful that she comes from the dance world because it’s involved in the movie, but some of her direction has been amazing and I feel like I’m just learning a lot about what body movements are….. There was a scene in the first week of shooting, she came in and she was trying to get one of the characters to do a lewd body movement, and she was like, ‘So I think, you know, you’re just over here and just like vagina-ing on the couch.’”

Hell of a verb, Anna. Look forward to using that more in day-to-day life (… much to the scourge of our HR department).


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