Anna Kendrick Says She High-Fived The First Dude Who Gave Her An Orgasm, Because Anna Kendrick Is Awesome

Anna Kendrick is and always will be one of our favorite goddesses on the planet here at BroBible. She’s charismatic, she plays “Marry, Fuck, Kill,” she tweets about sex… A LOT, in addition to starring in the world’s wildest musical sex scenes (which are a real thing… I’m not kidding).

Kendrick recently penned a tell-all memoir called Scrappy Little Nobody. One of the coolest revelations in it comes from the story of her first orgasm — After the dude got her to the place she needed to be, she reached her hand up and gave him a post-orgasm high five. via Maxim:

“So hey, first time I’ve had an orgasm during that whole situation. I raised my hand for a high five. ‘Up top!’ The guy apparently didn’t take the compliment very well, but let’s be honest, any form of communication and camaraderie in your sex life should be a good thing.”

That’s awesome. Sucks the guy was a wet fish who didn’t return the high five, though. What kind of beta loser doesn’t return a post-sex high five?

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