Sorry Bros, The Announcement That ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 6 Is About To Start Shooting Is A Complete Hoax

by 2 years ago


By now you might’ve seen the announcement that Breaking Bad season 6 is about to start filming. Maybe you saw it on some legit news site, or maybe you were lucky enough to see it at its source: what appears to be an NBC webpage announcing its return:


As I’m sure you can imagine, loads of people were stoked (although some were a little incredulous) to hear that their favorite television show was making a return:






…except, sorry to burst your bubble guys but the website that originally reported the news is known for hoaxes. In fact last week they were even able to fool people into believing that Yelp was suing South Park for $10 million.

So yes, Walter White is still 100% dead. The only way you’ll ever see him again is if he makes a guest appearance on Better Call Saul, but even that’s not guaranteed.

[H/T Metro]

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