NOT COOL: Ariana Grande Says She Hates America And Americans After Licking Donuts At A Donut Shop

Well, well. Look at this ungrateful pop princess. TMZ has obtained video of Ariana Grande, the 22-year-old Nickelodeon star-turned-pop-queen from Boca Raton. Apparently she thinks above the rules of basic human decency. The video shows her clowning around at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California with her new boy toy, reportedly a backup dancer on her tour. After licking the donuts and making out with her new squeeze (sorry, Big Sean… sux, bro), she freaks out on the clerk working behind the counter. She goes full spoiled millennial brat on the poor lady who brings her a fresh tray of donuts:

“What the f— is that?”

“I hate Americans.”.

“I hate America.”

You can watch the entire disgusting ordeal above, via TMZ. The donut licking is gross enough (hope they were thrown out!). But then her spoiled brat attitude towards the clerk is even worse. And then you hear those blasphemous words come from her own mouth.


But first, Ariana, if you hate America so much ON THE 4th OF JULY WEEKEND WHILE WE’RE CELEBRATE IT’S CONTINUED AWESOMENESS AND INDEPENDENCE, you can just leave, honey. Don’t let door hit you on the way out while getting your passport stamped elsewhere. America is, after all, the country that allows you to prosper with a $16 million singing career and sing the National Anthem before the opening kickoff of our beloved NFL season. Was your pseudo display of patriotic for Roger Goodell all in vain?

Under the rights of our beloved country, Ariana is free to say what she pleases, but that doesn’t neglect from just how disappointing this video is. Somewhere a bald eagle is crying.

Not cool. And to think we were pretty big fans not that long ago.

Then again, what else would you expect from a pop star who once said she hopes the fans who made her rich and famous “all fucking die”?

Enjoy living in whatever country you now want to call home since you “hate America,” Ariana. Meanwhile, we’ll be over here enjoying our proud freedom, 24-hour Wal-Marts, and back-to-back World War championships in a way that would make Ben Franklin proud.

[H/T: TMZ]

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