Ariana Grande Absolutely Torched An Instagram Troll Who Said Her Boobs Were Too Small

Ariana Grande will cut a bitch if you’re not careful, trolls.

Do NOT mess with Ariana Grande in the comments on Instagram or she will stop you in your tracks with a perfect comeback that you will never recover from. Especially if you’re going to talk about how small her boobs are.

Bro, you should know not to mess with a girl whose favorite song is “Gang Bang.” What’s the matter with you? Sure, Ariana Grande allegedly said she wanted a boob job awhile back, but when a girl has enough pull for people to just carry her around when she doesn’t feel like walking, that’s not a target you should choose.

On the plus side, Jacksonruzzene, you just got called a pedophile in front of her 25 million Instagram followers by the star herself instead of her telling you to just “fucking die.”

H/T Barstool Sports