How Much Do You Really Know About ‘Arrested Development?’

by 11 months ago

You can argue all day long about what the funniest television show of the past decade or so is, but it’s hard to name one more clever than Arrested Development. While the most recent season may have been a bit of a letdown, the original three are pretty incomparable— and we can only hope that the fifth one will be a true return to form.

To truly appreciate Arrested Development, you have to watch each episode at least a few times to fully grasp the number of inside jokes and the piles upon piles of meta humor that made the show the classic that it is.

However, even the most diehard fans probably don’t know as much about Arrested Development as they think they do. To compensate, we put together a list of things you probably weren’t even aware of.

There’s always trivia in the banana stand.

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