Artie Lange Told Jimmy Fallon About The Time Keith Richards’ Cigarette Cost Him $25K

The Tonight Show

The star Beer League (yes, I’m going to continue to push, and remind, and annoy everyone to watch this cinematic tour de force), Artie Lange was on The Tonight Show last night. It’s actually the second time he’s been on the show in just a few months. Last time, he gave Jimmy Fallon some serious and heavy life advice: Lange taught Fallon how to take a piss after sex with hookers without affording them the opportunity to steal all your shit while you’re in the bathroom. Like I said, serious, heavy. Also, essential.

Lange’s visit with Fallon this time was to promote his new Comedy Central special The Stench of Failure. During it, Lange (who starred in Beer League, have I mentioned that?) told a story about going to the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ to see the Rolling Stones and leaving with $25,000 less than he came with. All thanks to Keith Richards cigarette.