An Artist Created Trading Cards For Movie And TV Athletes And They’re Goddamn Amazing

by 3 years ago

The days of collecting trading cards of your favorite athletes and other pop culture icons has certainly changed since most of us were kids. Now people collect them digitally as much, if not more, than they do physically.

That being said, there’s still something cool, be it nostalgia or something else, about collecting trading cards. (And sorry I don’t mean Pokemon.)

Artist Cuyler Smith is obviously one of those people who still feels the nostalgia for old school trading cards so he decided to create some that are a little bit different.

He designed cards featuring our fictional athletes from the past that we loved in movies and on TV shows. So basically it’s nostalgia times two. And check this out, they even have statistics on the back!

Bonus: you can even buy them!

Check out some of the coolest cards he’s created below…

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