Watch The Avengers Cast Play A Tremendous Game Of ‘Family Feud’ With Jimmy Kimmel

The cast of Avengers: Age Of Ultron hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and in the highlight of the evening they broke off into two teams for an epic game of Family Feud.

Team one, The Americas, were led by Captain America Chris Evans who was joined by Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, and The Hulk, Mark Ruffalo. While on team two, The Mans led by Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr. of course, included Thor, Chris Hemsworth, and Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson.

The categories were pretty funny with questions like, “Name something you do in a movie theater besides watching a movie?” and “Besides superheroes, name a profession that requires you to wear tights,” but it was just so much star power trying to be funny on one stage that made it even better.

Things went a little sideways at times with people exchanging name tags, Johansson ended up wearing two “Chris” nameplates, but it all came down to the final question, “Name the worst place to turn into The Hulk,” for the grand prize of an Avengers-themed tandem bike!

When the cast hit the couch Jimmy brought out some very odd erotic fan art and then things got really weird. You’ll never be able to unsee “Science Bros.”

They also played a game of “Telephone” and after the watching first two videos you can just imagine how that went down.