In This Is So Stupid News, A Bag Of Air From Kanye’s Concert Is Selling For $60,000

Maybe it’s time we just start over. Invite aliens here to topple our civilization and let the dolphins and monkeys battle it out for world domination. We had a good run, but it appears that our society is in a swift and tragic decline. We can’t possibly call ourselves an advanced species when there are people selling, and even worse, people buying air from a Kanye West concert.

That’s right, people are paying actual currency, like not even bitcoin, to purchase Ziploc bags full of air that was allegedly collected at a Kanye West concert.

An eBay seller put a bag of air on sale on Sunday with a starting bid of $5. The ad was pulled because idiots had placed mind-boggling bids that skied to a whopping $60,100.

The seller’s only description read: “Held bag open and sealed air in.” No reason to get technical I guess.

Kim Kardashian chimed in on her husband’s apparent marketability, which only made this even more infuriating.

Well this should help Kanye West’s self esteem because he’s a humble fella and really needed to have his ego inflated.

It gets worse. Turns out that there are MANY retailers of Kanye air.

You’d imagine that there is an unlimited supply of this product and only lower the price since Kanye West is full of… hot air! GET IT!?!?

I’m far more inclined to plunk down $450 for this precious air.