Barb Is Alive And Cussing Out The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids For Letting Her Die In This ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

I’m sorry Barb. I don’t know what to tell you — maybe it’s your hair, your glasses, those pants that make you look like you’re a size 25 or the fact that you seem like kind of an overall boner, but it shouldn’t be surprising that you got ditched in the upside down.

I mean, the whole show is about finding Will. We see Will’s mom, his brother, even his deadbeat dad. But your parents? HAH. They’re still watching Jeopardy! re-runs at home because they haven’t even noticed you’re missing. Has ANYONE noticed Barb is missing besides Nancy? Hell, I’m even starting to forget who I’m talking about. Who’s missing? No one? Cool, no skin off my ass.