People Keep Calling This Guy ‘The Bearded Mexican Michael Scott’, What Do You Think?

Imgur user mars90000000 posted an office bathroom selfie along with the caption, “I’ve been told I look like a mexican Michael Scott with a beard…”. Looks can be deceiving. If he’d asked, “Who do I look like?”, the range of replies would’ve been off the charts. Right off the bat, I didn’t quite see the resemblance, but the more you let the image soak in, the more Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton Branch Manager comes peeking through.

Hopefully, by now, you can also see what else is peeking through: the unfortunate placement of the faucet was eye-catching. I imagine that’s what Colossus’ colossal “hang-down” looks like. The chrome penis has some calling him the “Man of Steel”. Knowing Michael Scott, he’d probably sign up for that enhancement in a heartbeat.

Michael Scott has been called “one of the worst TV bosses ever” and “one of the most inept TV heroes of all-time“, yet you probably couldn’t find many cubicle monkeys who wouldn’t want Steve Carell’s imbecile character as their superior. Sure, the guy can’t keep a secret and is next-level ignorant, but you’d never have a dull day.

So far, commenters have called the snazzy gentleman in the pic “Miguel Scott” and “Esteban Carell”. Posting this kind of photo online invites a whole barrage of commentary, so I’m extremely curious to see how this pans out. One can only hope this causes Michael Scotts of other ethnicities to come forward so we can create a United Nations of low-level paper company salesmen.

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