And the Best Fictional Movie College of All Time Is Faber College!


After thousands of votes, the numbers have been tallied and we are excited to announce that Faber College from Animal House is the winner of our Best Fictional College of All-Time competition. What does this mean for you? Well, if you voted for Faber College you can shove it in anyone’s face who tries to tell you otherwise. And if you didn’t vote for Faber College you can sit and think about your life choices, because they’re probably questionable at best. For the complete results of our Best Fictional College of All-Time competition to check out the final bracket here!

Thanks again to everyone who voted, and while we know that you haven’t seen 22 Jump Street’s Metro City State yet, BroBible has heard that “1 out of 4 dudes agree that Metro City State is almost one of the Top 10 Party Schools” and being as such, it was probably partying too hard to even know a contest was going on. Typical bro behavior. But who knows, after you see the movie, or even watch the hilarious red band trailer below, you might demand a recount.