The Very Best of the Best Character on Television: Rafi from ‘The League’

“I am a disgusting human.”

The NFL season kicks off in just a few short hours. And thank God, because living without professional football — and its more important fantasy component — nearly turned this country into a smoldering heap of rubble.

No one, either in the real world or a fictional one, is more excited about the return of meaningful pigskin than Rafi from FX’s The League. Although, if we’re being fair, Rafi gets pretty damn excited about pretty much everything.

Especially drugs and women. He really loves those two things.

Now, when I stumbled on this Best of Rafi montage, I expected it to be two or three minutes long. I was equal parts shocked and delighted to find out it’s a full 23 minutes of inappropriate fun.

Like you, I wasn’t aware his character had even been in 23 minutes’ worth of scenes.

After viewing this, it’s hard to understand why they don’t just build the whole plane out of Rafi.