The Best Stoner Moments in ‘The Simpsons’ History

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We have grown to love the dysfunctional family that is the Simpsons. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie have become staples in the lives of millions throughout the world. The show’s 25th season that will feature the death of a “familiar character” and a highly anticipated 26th Simpsons and Family Guy crossover that will get laughs from fans of both shows.

Matt Groening’s characters have developed a cult following over the course of the last two decades, especially with stoners. Long before Adult Swim and “adult cartoons” as a whole even became a thing, the Simpsons blazed a the way as the ultimate cartoon for people who just want to smoke up and mellow out to something funny and brainless on TV.

To the delight of fans young and old, FX’s strictly television network FXX will be airing an epic 12-day Simpsons marathon. The marathon will began today with season one, episode one “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.” FXX will show all 552 episodes back-to-back  ending with The Simpsons Movie on Sept. 1. It’s perfect for binge-watching stoners who can spend the next 12 days smoking and watching the Simpsons. Pack a bowl or for all my seasoned veterans—“rip a dab, bro” and enjoy these favorite stoner moments from the show’s history.


Weekend at Burnsys


Upon being attacked by a horde of crows, a reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Homer is prescribed medical marijuana by Dr. Hibbert. A controversial medicine but for a swift and painless recovery “the best tonic is chronic” boasts Hibbert. Homer proceeds to get baked and the episode is full of blatantly over the top effects. At one point we see a psychedelic backdrop as Homer gets into his smiling car and fly’s off into the sunset. This is one of the most blatant stoner moments in Simpsons history and is quite controversial as medical marijuana was a fairly new concept at the time of its 2002 airing. All the tell tale signs are present when Homer “medicates.” Drowsy eyes, munching on chips as he listens to Lisa play the sax which he admittedly didn’t enjoy until he got his “special medicine.” The episode even features a cameo from legendary jam band Phish who are known for their impromptu performances that real heady stoners could listen to for hours and not even realize. Just keep the bong packed and let the vibrations take hold, man.




Ned Flanders’ Parents are Stoner Hippies

Everyone’s favorite bible thumper, Ned Flanders, had two stoner hippies for parents. It makes one wonder how Ned turned out the way he did. Ned’s crusade against medical marijuana must stem from his parents constant use of the “devil’s lettuce.” We see several cameos from his parents in which they are portrayed as young hip creatives living in the beatnik era and later on as older stoners who light one up with Homer. Ned was a surprisingly raucous child due to his parent’s lack of discipline. They simply did not believe in discipline, man. Discipline really hampers the creative process and has no place in beatnik society where free spirits thrive. Just smoke and create, man.

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)

You foolishly attempted the ghost pepper challenge? That’s cool. Homer Simpson eats several of the infamous Guatemalan insanity peppers and proceeds to trip balls. This episode features the most psychedelic animation found in the Simpsons and is certainly geared towards those who light up or partake in other substances. The animation featured throughout Homer’s odyssey is incredible, and at times terrifyingly psychedelic. It is difficult at times to keep up but well worth watching. Homer encounters his spirit animal, a coyote guide voiced by Johnny Cash, which helps enlighten him on his journey of self- discovery.

Cheech and Chong go Up In Smoke 

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If you have ever smoked multiple times with a large group of people, I would venture to say you have seen a Cheech and Chong movie. Whether it’s Up in Smoke, Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie, Nice dreams or one of their other numerous flicks the duo has become a staple in stoner culture. Their slapstick style of comedy and their constant consumption of marijuana in their movies and personal lives have resonated with stoners across generations. The duo took to Springfield for a reunion tour but did not live up to expectations. Chong no longer had his memorable stoner humor and is subsequently replaced by Homer on the tour. Homer and Cheech hit the road but much like Chong, Cheech has lost his classic stoner swagger. The duo still has their quick wit and hilarious voices, which stoners throughout the world have come to love. It’s entertaining to see two people known for not much more than smoking weed make their way to the most popular animated series of all time.

Everyone Knows an Otto Mann


Otto Mann, often times referred to as Otto the Bus Driver, is the headiest of heady stoners. Everyone knows someone like Otto, man, constantly and blatantly stoned. Otto is that one guy who looks like his eyes have never seen eye drops before, being never clear and more closed than open. He says “man” and/or “dude” every other sentence and is the lovable stoner that you always have a good time hanging out with, but only find yourself in his presence when you are smoking together. You have never had a conversation with Otto that doesn’t involve weed. Otto may or may not still live with his parents, at the tender age of 30, but that doesn’t bother Otto because he’s “working on it, man.” He drives the children of Springfield to school completely stoned, but that does not seemed to be frowned upon. Everyone can appreciate his hilarious stoner antics.



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Runners up: 

Cypress Hill’s concert in Springfield:

Mayor Quimby in ”Sideshow Bob Roberts,” who’s called “The illiterate, tax-cheating, wife-swapping, pot-smoking spendocrat, Diamond Joe Quimby,” then pictured growing weed in a closet in his office.


Flanders tripping on juice and seeing the Grateful Dead bears:


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