Since 2012 NBC’s Paid Out An INSANE Amount Of Money For People Like Billy Bush To Not Show Up At Work

Billy Bush is out of NBC’s TODAY Show, and he’s getting a big fat settlement of $9 million as he walks out the door. Billy Bush is the only member of the Bush family (yes, THAT Bush family) to do any damage to Donald Trump’s campaign in the 2016 Presidential Election. And he’s getting his $9 million as part of a settlement that NBC over the now infamous clip of Bush talking with Donald Trump in which Donald can be heard talking about grabbing women by the pussies.

The exit package also reportedly included how both sides would discuss Billy Bush’s exit from TODAY, with both sides wishing each other success in the future and appearing amicable on TV….But this $9 million settlement is just a slight dent in the amount of money NBC’s shelled out over the past few years for people to NOT show up at work.

via NYDailyNews:

In terms of big money broadcasters we’ve all grown numb to hearing about what they make. It’s just not shocking anymore to report how longtime “Today” host Matt Lauer is estimated to be paid about $22 million a year, according to TV Guide, or how Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly supposedly takes home an estimated $17 million a year.
When Ann Curry was ousted from “Today” in June 2012, the network was forced to make good on her contract — which paid her an estimated $12 million a year, for over two more years. In that time she appeared on NBC — you know, doing her job — a handful of times. “Meet the Press” host David Gregory pocketed a cool $4 million when he was dumped by the network; And “Today” show general manager Jamie Horowitz, who lasted a mere 10 weeks on the job, reportedly walked out of NBC with an estimated $3 million.

The NYDailyNews reports that NBC has paid out nearly $40 MILLION in total settlements for workers to NOT show up to work since 2012, an almost unfathomable sum of money. And the one that blows my mind the most isn’t Anny Curry, even though that was one of the most bizarre ousters in TV history, it’s GM Jamie Horowitz getting paid $3 million after just 10 weeks of work.

For more on the details of Billy Bush’s exit from NBC’s TODAY you can click on over to the NYDailyNews!

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