Billy On The Street Tells New Yorkers Seth Rogen Died While He’s Standing Right There–No Tears Were Shed

by 1 year ago

Billy on the Street took to the streets of NYC to test out the public’s temperature on a Seth Rogen death. The conclusion: the world will surely keep spinning. He may get one of those quick remembrance things at the end of the Oscars, but in large part, the people who really care about Seth Rogen have smoked their brain cells out of remembering him. GUILTY!

But for real, I would probably be sadder if Seth Rogen died than I would if Bill Gates kicked the can. And Gates has given like $390 billion to poor people. Priorities.

UPDATE: Nevermind I just saw the heaping pile of shit that was Sausage Party. Rogen deserves whatever’s coming to him.

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