Blake Lively Describes Ryan Reynold’s Sex Montage In ‘Deadpool’ In The Most Graphic And Disgusting Way Possible

For just one moment I’d like you to try and put yourself in Blake Lively’s shoes. She’s flying commercial with her baby girl James (who names a girl James?!?) that she and husband Ryan Reynolds had back in December 2014, she’s pregnant with another Ryan Reynolds child on the way, and she looks around the plane to see that now infamous Deadpool sex montage. You know that Deadpool sex montage that I’m referring to, one that where he has mashed potatoes eating out of his butt by co-star Morena Baccarin (who plays Vanessa in the film). Just imagine how torturous it must be for Blake Lively to see that sex montage flashing across the screen on a plane and her child point up and say ‘mama, look, dada’.

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If that sounds like a pretty miserable existence then you weren’t at all surprised to find out that Blake Lively absolutely hates it. She cannot stand seeing her husband’s salad get tossed, Blake doesn’t want to see Ryan Reynolds go to Pound Town with another hot chick while she’s sitting next to her daughter. So PLEASE, for the love of god, if you see Blake Lively on a plane don’t torture here by queueing up that lengthy sex montage.

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