Blake Shelton Tries Sushi For The First Time With A Drunk Jimmy Fallon And Things Descend Into Chaos Quickly

I honestly cannot remember the first time I tried sushi, I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minute stretching my brain trying to remember that fateful moment and I’m coming up with nothing. I don’t know if this is a sign that I drank too much last while watching my beloved Tampa Bay Lightning get dominated for 2 periods by the Pittsburgh Penguins or if my first sushi experience was so unremarkable that it failed to leave a lasting impression upon me. Either way, all of this morning talk of sushi has me craving some tuna, so I think there’s a sushi dinner in my future this evening.

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Also, normally I don’t like to call out celebrities for being ‘drunk’ in a headline, but when they spend the entire video drinking AND demanding more booze then I think it’s a safe assumption that they’re far beyond sober. Also, things descend into chaos pretty quickly for these two when the booze starts flowing, which actually makes for one of the better Jimmy Fallon sketches that I’ve seen in months, and I think this is an approach to television that Jimmy really needs to further explore.

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