Ungrateful Brats Throw Breakfast Foods At Their Dad For Jimmy Kimmel’s Father’s Day Challenge

Nothing says, “Happy Father’s Day, I love you dad!” quite like barging into your old man’s sacred private place in the house, spilling oatmeal on his head and seeing his ding-a-ling. Well, this is how Jimmy Kimmel and his viewers celebrate Father’s Day.

For this Father’s Day, Kimmel instructed kids to shower their father with breakfast foods as dear ole dad took a shower. No luxury of breakfast in bed, only a spongy, soapy breakfast in bath.

The audacity of Kimmel to order his YouTube minions to invade the one sanctuary that dad has to get away from needy kids and a nagging wife. It’s almost criminal. These kids probably never prepared a hot breakfast for the man that gave them life, and now the one time that they do they waste perfectly good eggs and toast by throwing it at his gloriously naked dadbod. You’re sick Jimmy Kimmel!