Let’s Make A Bet: Is Brienne From ‘Game Of Thrones”s Stunt Double A Man Or A Woman?

The fight scene between the Hound and Brienne of Tarth during the season four finale of Game of Thrones was probably one of the highlights of the episode (the random skeleton zombies chasing Bran was pretty lame), let alone the season. In the books this fight never happens; instead the Hound just kinda withers away from the wound he gets from the battle at the inn at the crossroads. Knowing that watching the Hound just walk around and slowly die was lame, the writers decided to have him clash with Brienne, which wound up being completely badass. Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) agrees:

“They had stunt doubles on set, but it was getting to the point where even the stunt guys were like, tired and they had to swap back in the actors in this hot sun on the top of this big kind of mountain thing…You get tired and your body slows down after a while and your reactions slow down and there [were] a lot of cuts and bruises by the end of it. It was so, so intense.”

Via Access Hollywood

Christine Gwendoline (Brienne) is 6’3″. You know how many stunt doubles are stocky, female and over six feet tall? Not many, hence why you were supposed to take a bet on whether or not Brienne’s stunt double is male or female. Are you ready?

Totally a dude.

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