This Bro’s $420 Bid On ‘The Price Is Right’ Is The Perfect Ode To The Most Joyous Holiday Of The Year


I hope all you bros are acting accordingly on 4/20–which means for all of you under 27 years old, getting super baked, ordering a shitload of Chick-Fil-A and watching Pixar movies until you pass out. And for those of you 28 and older, getting super baked, and falling into an all-encompassing tornado of anxiety and self-introspection about how little you’ve accomplished in life to date.

Wherever you fall in the 4/20 blunt circle, it is a holiday that should be embraced, celebrated, and de-stigmatized. And it starts and ends with the Price is Right, of course.

Pro wrestler Daniel “D-Man” Parker, who, according to Uproxx wrestles for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, took his bidding about as seriously as Roberto Colon takes exercise. His first bid was $666, garnering a sadistic chuckle from host Drew Carey. His next bid? 420 BRUH, causing Carey to laughingly say  he’s “gonna hit ’em all today.” Best part is, his 420 bid earned him a shot on the stage, eventually winning him a new car in his first game and hauling in $11,000 on the big wheel. Hats off to D-Man.

P.S. The reactions to Daniel’s 420 bid are sneaky hilarious.

“HA! Fist bump, bro”:


“LOL! Respect”:


“Guys? What’s all this tomfoolery about”:


[h/t Uproxx]

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