Watch As Busta Rhymes Suffers Bloody Gash On Head After Falling Off Stage

Busta Rhymes surprised fans when he showed up at an O.T. Genasis show at Webster Hall in New York City on Thursday night. Busta was indulging in some Hennessy and a cigar during his protege’s concert when he took on step too far and fell off the stage. Once he emerged from the crowd there was a visible wound on his head which was oozing blood. He was quickly ushered off the dance floor by security guards. Busta said gimme some more and later returned to the stage.

I am still trying to figure out how he fell off the stage. Did he black out from the alcohol? Did he headnod too hard? Did he eat too much Thanksgiving turkey and the tryptophan put him right to sleep on stage? Did he attempt the most unprepared stage dive of all-time? My guess is all his chains weighed him down and gravity pulled him off the platform. However Busta attributes his nasty fall to the dopeness of O.T. Genasis’ banger “CoCo.”