Cameron Diaz Is Probably Going To Be Naked In A Movie Sometime

People are going to fall into two camps here: Those who WANT to see Cameron Diaz naked in a movie and those who have zero interest in seeing Cameron Diaz naked in a movie. Either way, it sounds like it’s probably going to happen sooner rather than later according to an interview she gave in the new issue of Marie Claire.

When the subject of appearing nude in a movie came up, Diaz’s response was, “People have seen my butt. I’ve shown the top of my butt, the bottom of my butt. I’m not opposed to doing nudity, as long as it’s part of the story. I’ll do whatever has to get done if it’s the right thing.”

She’ll “do whatever has to get done if it’s the right thing.” That’s code for she’s probably going to do a nude scene before all is said and done. She’s put it out there and Hollywood knows that if she did a nude scene people would suddenly become more interested in the film (see Johansson, Scarlett, Under the Skin).

That or Cameron still isn’t getting enough attention because every time we hear from her it’s something eye-catching like she’s been with a woman, she hasn’t used deodorant in 20 years, or going on and on about women’s public hair and vaginas.

So back to my original thought, now that we’ve heard from Cameron, which camp do you fall in? She DID look pretty hot in that see-through top in Sex Tape.

Cameron Diaz image by The Image Worx/Shutterstock