Chester Bennington’s Son Tells Dad To ‘Love Life’ In Heartbreaking Note Weeks Before His Death

Weeks before Chester Bennington committed suicide, his son Tyler wrote a heartbreaking note to his father. The encouraging note written by Bennington’s 11-year-old son one month before the Linkin Park frontman’s death tells him to “love life.” “Dad, enjoy your rehearsal or whatever you’re doing today. Love life because it’s a Castel of Glass – Tyler.” The youngster makes a reference to the band’s single “Castle of Glass.” The singer’s wife Talinda put the Post-It message on a coffee cup, took a photo of it and shared it on Twitter on June 2. She captioned the pic: “Our Tyler is the best!”

Tyler is just one of Bennington’s six children, three of which he shares with Talinda and the other three from a previous marriage.

In one of his final tweets before he died, the 41-year-old Linkin Park frontman shared a photo of his wife and his daughter. On July 6, Bennington retweeted this tragic photo. Chester and Talinda have two twin daughters, Lila and Lilly.

In another of his last tweets, Chester seems happy and looking hopeful to the future. Chester retweeted hip-hop artist George Watsky, who posted a photo of Bennington, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and Chukwudi Hodge. Watsky’s tweet is captioned: “Can’t wait to see where this goes,” followed by the praying emoji.

Following the death of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park has officially canceled their upcoming tour that was in support of their new LP “One More Light.”

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