Captain America And Star-Lord Have Made An Epic Super Bowl Bet For Charity

chris evans pratt super bowl

YouTube - Marvel

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt are going head to head, with their superhero chops at stake in a Super Bowl bet for the ages.

That’s right. Captain America and Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy will be facing off and its going to be all in the name of charity.

Evans, who is a New England Patriots fan, shot the first salvo towards Pratt, an unabashed Seattle Seahawks homer, on Twitter after the AFC Championship with this blast…

So what do two of the biggest movie stars of the past few years want to bet? A truckload of cash? Swapping wives/girlfriends? Nah, nothing that lame. How about something ultra-cool for charity?

And just like that two of the coolest bros on the planet got that much cooler. I so can’t wait to see it when the loser has to pay up.