Chris Pratt Reveals How He Got So Ripped For ‘Guardians’, Calls It ‘A Nightmare’

A couple weeks ago, we did a post of twenty actors who got absolutely jacked for movie roles. Chris Pratt made the list for his bulking up in Zero Dark Thirty. We didn’t mention the way Pratt got shredded for Guardians of the Galaxy because it seemed almost too obvious and we didn’t want to mention the same guy twice. So we’ll go ahead and give him an honorable mention right now.

The subject of dieting and exercise came up, it usually always does, in a recent interview with the still-lean Pratt. Pratt tipped the scales at close to 300 pounds prior to his Guardians role and shed 60 pounds in six months to play Star Lord. Pratt cleaned up his diet, worked out, and figured out the key to looking lean — a shit ton of water.

However, Chris Pratt did not just focus on stopping his drinking a lot of beer — he also had to start drinking a lot of water. The actor was paired up by Marvel with nutritionist Phil Goglia, the author of the book, Turn Up the Heat: Unlock the Fat Burning Power of Your Metabolism. As part of his revamped diet, Chris Pratt hiked his daily intake to 4,000 calories and had to drink one ounce of water for every pound that he weighed.

The Huffington Post reports that Chris Pratt’s increase in water intake also led to an increase in his trips to the bathroom. “I was peeing all day long, every day. That part was a nightmare.”

As a person who drinks a good amount of water, I can attest, it is an absolute nightmare. Especially since my daily commute is over an hour and half a day. I’ve mixed up the Snapple bottle full of piss with a real drink on many occasions.

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