Wait… WHAT?! Rapper Chris Webby Is Allegedly Dating Actress Halle Berry, Who Just Got A Divorce


If you’ve been reading BroBible for four or five years, you probably remember the name Chris Webby. A rapper from Connecticut, Webby came of age in the great frat rap era of 2010 – 2012, infamously taking aim at fellow frat rapper Sammy Adams with a diss track back in the summer of 2010 (I remember this very vividly because the drama and fallout from it pretty much ruined a vacation I was on with my family at the time).

I haven’t really followed his career over the last few years and this particular genre of music has become less and less important to BroBible’s overall growth, though it looks like Webby’s dropped a number of projects. But today Webby caught my attention with a gossip item from last week in OKAY Magazine: Apparently he’s pulling the power move of the century and dating one-time A-list actress Halle Berry. Like… THIS Halle Barry:



Gossip tabloid OKAY Magazine claims that the newly-divorced 49-year-old actress is dating Chris Webby, who “has some serious fire in the chambers” for tomorrow.   Meanwhile, Webby doesn’t really seem to want to talk about it:

If it’s true, power move Webby.