Wait, ChristianMingle.com Has A Movie Coming Out? And It Stars Lacey Chabert?

Apparently ChristianMingle.com does in fact have a movie coming out, which leaves me very scared that some day that creepy dude from the eHarmony commercials is going to be starring in his own film someday. Dear God, please don’t let that ever happen. (Oh, whoops, using God to tell jokes in a Christian Mingle story. That can’t be good. *takes cover away from anything metallic*

So yeah, this ChristianMingle.com movie is like a real thing and has Corbin Bernsen (aka Roger Dorn from Major League) directing, Lacey Chabert of Party of Five, Mean Girls, and my dreams, playing the lead, and it’s planning on hitting theaters sometime in October. Not sure what theaters, but a theater…somewhere.

Interesting… I’m sure when casting the film Lacey’s very Christian Maxim photo shoot featuring her in see-through underwear put her over the top for the part.

So do you think there’s any chance there’ll be a scene like this in the movie?

Yeah, probably not.

H/T FilmDrunk