Watch every Christopher Walken movie dance in one magical mashup

Christopher Walken is a national treasure. He’s also a fantastic dancer. This video is proof.

Fantastic might a strong word. Above average is probably a descriptive for his dance moves. But just the fact that he’s Christopher Walken makes it seem like he’s a step down from Savion Glover.

Walken does have a dance background though:

Walken initially trained as a musical theater dancer at the Washington Dance Studio. But unless you’ve seen every one of Walken’s movies — and there are a lot of them — you might not realize just how many times he has danced on screen.

Whether it’s a song-and-dance extravaganza such as 1988’s “Puss in Boots,” or a quick jig inserted into an otherwise serious role, such as 1990’s “King of New York” (which was reportedly improvised on the spot), the man simply loves to dance. And we love to watch him. In honor of the national treasure that is Christopher Walken, here is a music video of him dancing his way across the silver screen and into our hearts.

For a complete list of all the films in this video, check out this post.

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