Holy Shit: Ex-Cocaine Dealer George Jung Says He Wrote a ‘Blow’ Sequel In Jail


Former cocaine kingpin George Jung has been out of jail for not even a week and he’s already playing up a forthcoming book about his adventures in the cocaine smuggling trade. It’s called Heavy and it’s apparently a biographical sequel to Blow, the movie starring Johnny Depp that was based on Bruce Porter’s  1993 book about Jung’s life. TMZ has some more tidbits:

A rep for Jung says his new book, entitled “Heavy” … will detail more of George’s drug smuggling missions in the 80s and feature some of the same “Blow” characters.

Not surprisingly, we’re told a movie production company’s already interested in the book … which comes out next month.

FUN FACT: Jung co-wrote the book with T. Rafael Cimino … whose uncle Michael Cimino directed “Deer Hunter.” Nice pedigree.

Johnny Depp has been in a slump of shitty, weird movies lately, so let’s hope that if it makes it to production, Depp is willing to play George Jung again. I’m doubtful that will ever happen, but still…. One can dream.