Clueless Gamer Conan O’Brien Plays New ‘Doom’ With Super Bowl 50 Players

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Conan O’Brien brought together Josh Norman from the Carolina Panthers and Von Miller from the Denver Broncos before the big throwdown this Sunday, to break bread or hellish demon skulls, sip red wine (actually though) over ‘Doom,’ in a Marriott Hotel. Keep an eye out for Von Miller’s stellar improv skills during this video; and a phenomenal guest star who may or may not be notorious for tasting the rainbow on a psychotically regular basis, to appear towards the end.

It’s been over a decade since ‘Doom 3’ dropped on PC and that fossil (that actually has so many good games) we lovingly call an original Xbox. There’s been an ongoing, aggressive slew of remasters since then, but nothing too major. Well, now we know Friday, May 13th is the doomspawn day of motherfucking reckoning; yes, ‘Doom 4’ will make its debut then. I can’t wait to watch these fellas come back together to try their luck with the newest installment. Might be a tad bit awkward post Super Bowl though.