Amazing News, Sloots: ‘Blue Mountain State’ Could Possibly Come Back As A TV Show!!!

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This upcoming Tuesday, February 2nd, Blue Mountain State: The Rise Of Thadland will finally be released OnDemand (pre-order your copy here). It’s a huge occasion for us Bros: It’s taken two years to make the movie, complete with one of the most successful independent film Kickstarter campaigns of all time. Circle that date in your calendars and remind yourself to stock up on blunts and beer so you can throw a BMS screening party with your Bros after buying a copy of the movie.

Two weeks ago, I posted the red band trailer for the forthcoming Blue Mountain State movie. Accompanying the article is a long conversation with the show’s creators: Eric Falconer, Chris Romano a.k.a. Romanski, and Alan Ritchson, the actor behind the legendary Bro god Thad Castle. If you skipped it and you’re a fanboy of BMS, you may have missed the most important “news” buried at the bottom of the post: If the The Rise Of Thadland is successful, there’s a very high chance Blue Mountain State makes a return to television in some form as a scripted television series.

TL;DR: More seasons of Blue Mountain State could actually happen, sloots! But it all depends on the success of the movie. So if you’re a fan of the show, BUY a copy of The Rise Of Thadland when it comes next week. Don’t pirate it, you twats, because you’ll be showing the creators the support they need to keep on making new episodes of BMS.

Here’s the part of my conversation where we discuss the very real possibility of Blue Mountain State coming back as a TV show:

BroBible: Very last question. You’ve said in the past that it’s possible for someone to bring back the show if the movie is a success. Do you stand by that as a possibility with what you’ve created in the movie? Or is the last time we’ll see Thad Castle and the gang?

Alan, actually you’ve said, “a lot going on” behind the scenes. How is that going?

Alan Ritchson, a.k.a “Thadcastle”: Well, there has been a lot going on. I won’t say who but we’ve been approached by somebody who wants to make the show.

I know it’s a goal of Lionsgate — our biggest, best partner in this who helped create the show, obviously. It’s a goal of theirs that they second what our dreams are, which is to continue this amazing brand and franchise in one shape or another.

It all hinges on the performance of this film. Everyone’s a little unsure on that end. Distributors are saying the show was on a while ago but are people still watching. We can’t really measure Netflix so we don’t know, but they don’t see what we see which is you can’t even walk outside without people going “Oh my god you’re Sammy!? OMG you’re Thad!? You’re my hero!” But millions and millions of people have seen the show and fallen in love since it was cancelled. We were the ones playing those parts, but nobody sees it the way we do.

So everyone’s kind of playing catch-up. But to that end they’ve still been very vocal about the fact that they share the same goal because they want to continue this. We know the possibility of TV is very real because we’ve spoken to people that want to help us do that. They came to us. So it’s hard to really go into detail, but fingers crossed the movie does well because this is one of the funnest shows and films to make so in whatever sense we can continue this so if this does well enough, this will continue on.

Falconer: I just want to echo Alan on the point of this really all hinges on this movie.

If this movie performs really well, people are gonna want to make more movies or bring the series back — Lionsgate originally didn’t want to do a movie, so we did the Kickstarer and raised $2 million and that raised a lot of eyebrows because nobody knew we had that kind of fanbase until that point. So now we have this movie.

If we can prove through through this movie that we have the fanbase that we think we have, people are gonna be chomping at the bit — studios and whoever — the people who make those kind of decisions are going to be chomping at the bit to bring the series back.

Like Alan said, it’s a very real possibility but it all hinges on whether we make this movie.

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