There Are A Lot Of Crazy Facts About The ‘Predator’ Movies You Probably Never Knew

The Predator franchise is probably a top fiver when it comes to crazy action movies. Every one of them is insane in it’s own right. There’s the first one, where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a commando who ends up having to cover himself in mud (poop?) before killing the alien hunter decked out in high-tech gear with a bow and arrow. There’s the one second one where Danny Glover plays a cop in the future, which is mostly crazy because of how wrong they were about the future. Then there’s the one where a pack of the Predators fight the creatures from the Alien franchise, laying waste to a bunch of horny teenagers in the meantime. And then there was the most recent film where the most dangerous people on Earth (a Yakuza samurai, a serial killer, Adrian Brody with a machine-gun) were dropped onto an alien planet and forced to fight for their survival. So yeah, they’re all pretty bananas.

However, some of the craziest parts of these films is what happened behind the scenes. For instance, did you know that a bodyguard was hired for one of the actors not for his own safety but for the safety of the other actors? That’s way crazier than Schwarzenegger covering himself in a brown liquid that may be poop. Check out some of the other facts in the video above.