Daniel Craig Allegedly Made A Bonehead Blunder In ‘Skyfall’ That Nearly Costed Millions In Post-Production

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Daniel Craig, arguably the most compelling Bond since Connery, reportedly turned down a $100 million deal that would have kept him on for a fifth Bond film, and perhaps longer, opting not to follow up his prior appearances as the British secret agent which began in 2006’s Casino Royale and continued through Quantum of SolaceSkyfall, and most recently Spectre in 2015.

Former Bond Girl/Miss Italy Caterina Murino went on the record saying the 48-year-old Craig was essentially worn down from all the stresses that went in to playing the iconic character.

This notion of Craig being disenfranchised with his role (and director Sam Mendes’ ‘fuck it’ mentality) has been all but confirmed in journalist Charlie Lyne’s captivating story about Craig’s mishap while filming Skyfall back in 2012.

The story has been split into two tweets.

Daniel Craig almost costed the franchise millions of dollars and many hours of post-production reshoots over a pair of gloves. More like ‘SkyFAIL’ AMIRITE!?

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when this fuck up was brought to light to director Sam Mendes by an intern.

Intern: Excuse me, Mr. Mendes.

Mendes: What do you want, Karl.

Intern: It’s Kyle.

Mendes: Sure thing, Karl.

Intern: I’d just like to bring to your attention that with the gloves on, Bond would not have been able to utilize the fingerprint scanner on his gun, thus not being able to fire his own gun. Kind of a monumental fuck up, in my opinion. Do you want half-and-half in your coffee?

Mendes: *stares off into abyss*

….half-and-half is fine. Thanks, Kyle.

While the CGI work on Bond’s hand is nearly flawless, a closer look indicates that there is clearly something funky going on with his chub fingers.

Someone give that intern a raise.

Now that D-Craig is flat out done with the Bond role, who deserves to take it over? We have some prospects.

[h/t Unilad]

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