Dave Chappelle Is A Genius Who Saw The Future Misuse Of Video Cameras 23 Years Ago

Dave Chappelle video camera abuse


Back in December, Dave Chappelle was in the news for pioneering a new technology that will be used at his shows to prevent fans from potentially recording any portion of his act because the dude cares A LOT when it comes to protecting his material. And good for him.

You could safely say Dave was ahead of the curve on that one. But it wouldn’t be the first time.

Check out this bit from 1993, where he jokingly discusses how he and his buddy Dave were eating dinner at a restaurant and got into an argument over the check that led to a brawl and eventually, a half-million dollar settlement, thanks to the whole incident being caught on videotape.

“That’s why me and my buddy Dave always carry a camcorder with us. ‘Cause you never know when a Kodak moment might POP UP.”

This is amazing:

Chappelle goes on to discuss taunting cops for the very same purpose: Say something awful, roll tape, cop’s in the wrong, cash in.

It was a hilarious thought at the time, but also a pretty amazing one considering he came up with this routine 23 years ago and it’s now become a regular, nearly everyday occurrence for the past several years that has mostly put cops in a terrible light.

Just brilliant. And very prescient.

I’ve always admired Chappelle, but he’s managed to reach a new level of genius with this one.

[H/T Uproxx]

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