‘The Debateful Eight’ Is A Glorious Simpsons-Themed Spoof On This Year’s Presidential Race

You gotta’ love it when you’re in the throes of a whacked out Presidential race and the spoofs and spinoffs come into play. ‘The Debateful Eight’ is discouragingly accurate, and generally unnerving when you consider eight candidates of varying degrees of crazy up for taking the control of the country. The Quentin Tarantino-inspired title for this animated short creams the damn cake, because before you know it you’ve a Simpsons version Hillary Clinton wringing the neck of Bernie Sanders as he asks her what to do, amidst a hurricane of fisticuffs flying from Jeb Bush to Donald Trump, to Marco Rubio. The closing nut shot at Trump is beautiful as well.

I can only wonder whether Marge Simpson’s full-fledged mental meltdown in this short as she suffers the overwhelming dread-filled nightmare turned reality of this year’s Presidential Race is yet another prophetic guess at the doom yet to come.