Fans Are Farting On Demi Lovato Now…’Rotten’ Farts

demi lovato fart


We love us some Demi Lovato (especially in that dress she wore to the MTV VMAs this year) so hearing that a fan not only farted on her? That just ain’t right.

While in Miami for her Demi World Tour on Sunday, Lovato was pressing the flesh in a meet and greet with fans after which she tweeted the following…


Right, like Demi Lovato’s never been farted on before. Maybe she just means by a fan…she didn’t clarify. Anyway, so how was that fart, Ms. Lovato? Was it sulfury or did it have a lemon-fresh scent?


That must have been upsetting. How did that make you feel, Demi?


Indeed it does. Now start posting more bikini pics, because that’s another reason we’re big fans. Thanks.


Demi Lovato image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock