DJ Khaled Working Out On A Kids Playground Is The Most Uninspiring Thing You’ll See Today

dj khaled

Gotta give DJ Khaled credit for being the only grown ass man with an unkept beard on the planet who can go to a playground alone and doesn’t give off the ‘Imma pull my dick out’ vibe. It’s actually impressive. What concerns me isn’t that he’s after your kids, it’s that I’m not sure DJ Khaled has ever worked out in his entire life. These videos are evidence that DJ Khaled googled “Easy workouts for an old person to do on a jungle gym.” Sit tight bruh, the police are on their way.

Health is wealth. Or something.

We’re starting to love him.

Can’t really blame him. No matter how old you get, a swing ride will always be fun as shit. Bless up.

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