All The Cool Easter Eggs, References And Cameos You May Have Missed In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Any time a big comic book movie hits the big screen you can be damn sure that our man with the accent Mr. Sunday Movies is going to break it down for us by pointing out all the Easter eggs and other cool things we probably missed.

Just as he did for Captain America: Civil War earlier this month, Mr. Movies goes DEEP into the comic book well, pulling out all sorts of cool references about which the average movie-goer would have had no idea.

He covers all of the references to the earlier X-Men films (both sets) as well as the comics and even points out some references to other shows and movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and The Six Million Dollar Man.

And while it isn’t over 100 things like he did with the Deadpool movie it’s still quite a lot to take in and amazing that they were able to incorporate SO many interesting tidbits into this latest film.

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