Scumbag EMT Stole The Watch Off Of Tony Soprano’s Wrist As He Lay Dying In Italy

There are a few fictional characters I have come to accept I would never cross if they were. Walter White. Jax Teller. Any character from Game of Thrones besides Reek. And Tony Soprano. Normally, I’d put Tony at the top of this list, but he’s point of the article and I don’t want to play my hand too early. It’s called burying a lead. Write it down.

As most people know, Jame Gandolfini, the actor who portrayed Tony, tragically passed away in 2013 while vacationing with his son in Italy. That being said, I’m still terrified of him. Remember that movie Christopher made in season 6 about the gangster who returned from beyond the grave and murdered everyone who ever fucked with him? Not entirely unconvinced that wasn’t a warning to people to not fuck with Tony. Hence why I’m so shocked about these new reports that one of the EMT’s that carted him off to the hospital jacked his watch off his wrist.

According to NBC News:

A paramedic who rushed James Gandolfini to hospital after the actor suffered a massive heart attack has been accused of being nearly as ruthless as Tony Soprano.

Claudio Bevilacqua, 43, went on trial on Monday for allegedly snatching “The Sopranos” star’s $3000 Rolex Submariner watch as he laid dying in June 2013.

It is still unclear whether the watch vanished from Gandolfini’s room in the Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Rome, Italy, or whether the actor was wearing it when he collapsed.

Bevilacqua was not present in court Monday for the case’s first hearing, which lasted only a few minutes. The judge postponed the start of the trial until November.

So I guess we can go ahead and say a prayer for ole’ Claudio here because there is no way Tony isn’t planning a comeback just to get his watch back. It takes a real dirty man to steal jewelry off a soon-to-be-dead body. I also don’t understand why he went for the watch instead of the probably wads of cash in his pocket. If you’re going to seal your fate, you may as well do it in style. Regardless, I’m pretty sure Claudio is a dead man, mostly because Tony once killed for (maybe) killing a horse Tony owned part of. And since Clauds here stole something directly from Tony’s person, I doubt even God will be able to stop him.