Here’s Every ‘Luke Cage’ Easter Egg, Cameo, And Marvel Reference Hidden In This Badass Show

Due to the nature of easter eggs, cameos, and references I want to be very clear and upfront that there are plenty of SPOILERS in this video, so if you haven’t yet watched Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix then you should know that before clicking play.

Moving on…It’s been just a few days since Netflix released Luke Cage, their newest Marvel superhero TV series, and it’s already making headlines as it was widely reported that the show was so popular over the weekend that it took down Netflix streaming across all devices for some users. And while 3 days might not seem like a lot of time it was way more than enough for the Mr. Sunday Movies YouTube crew to find and pick apart every single Marvel easter egg, cameo, and reference found in Luke Cage.

It’s pretty impressive that one crew can find every single Marvel easter egg, cameo, and reference in a series like this. Though now I’m wondering if it’s not impressive, and the show’s creators should’ve made it more difficult to unravel these Luke Cage/Marvel easter eggs. What do you bros think?

…(h/t TastefullyOffensive)…